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Ghw9150pw2 F11 Error Code

Question: Ghw9150pw2 F11 Error Code

The error code is F 11. The washer dispenses the detergent but the drum does not move. It appears that it is not getting the signal or power to turn the drum. Belt is ok but motor does nothing. I have unplugged for a few minutes and tried to restart with the same results. Have never had an issue with this machine other than replacing the handle. I have used it since replacing the handle with no issues.

 That error is a communication error between the Motor Control Unit (MCU) and the Central Control Unit (CCU). Follow the troubleshooting linked below If that fails to work than it could be either board that has failed but in most cases it's the motor control board that is bad. The board you would need to replace is linked below.

F11 Error Repair: