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Question: Wfw94heaw0

I have a Whirlpool front loader and it gives me a F09/E01 error. I looked online and it says to check your drain filter. I did that and it wasn't clogged. I did take off the drain line off and checked to see if it was clogged. It had some build up in the hose and was able to get that out. Hooked it all up and did a normal wash and it ran great. I did read the manual and made sure that the drain line wasn't pass the 4 1/2 inches down the drain. Month later, its giving me the same code again and the Sud code too. Checked the filter again and it wasn't clogged, same for the drain line. Please help.

Normally when there is no blockage anywhere and you keep getting those errors that just means the drain pump is worn out and not draining fast enough to satisfy the control. Replace the drain pump and it should be fine. The drain pump for your model is linked below.