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Lo Fl Only Sometimes

Question: Lo Fl Only Sometimes

I have a Maytag Model# MHW5630HW0 that is now two years old. Lo FL error code shows up on hot and cold cycles, but not every time. Prior to the error message, the water inlet valves will usually make two audible clicks as the machine starts the cycle. After the machine completes "sensing", the valves will make a quiet buzzing sound. I can also hear a quiet hiss of flowing water at the valves, however there is no water coming through them because there is no water entering the soap dispenser. This will result in the Lo FL error code. Sometimes, after clearing the code and restarting the machine, both the valves will operate allowing water in and the machine will complete a full cycle. However, the next cycle will usually result in a Lo FL error. I have checked the inlet screens, hoses, and water pressure. All seem to be just fine. I have also checked the hot water valve for continuity which resulted in resistance of 800+ Ohms. I have now ordered two replacement valves, but am afraid that the fact that the current valves do seem to operate normally (although inconsistently) and have continuity, that the problem may reside in the signals they are receiving from the control board. Any thoughts on this idea? Hopeful that the replacement valves will fix the issue!

I would have to agree that it sounds like a low voltage issue to the valve from the control board. Unfortunatley the board for that model is hard to find in stock anywhere and if you happen to it's expensive enough that buying a new washer makes more sense. The part number for the board is W11322901. 

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