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F13 Error On Oven

Question: F13 Error On Oven

Went to turn the broiler on and got a f13 error. Shut the breaker, when turned back on the oven worked but not the broiler. I have a Kenmore elite model 790.46613500.

That error is a failure code for the logic chip in the main control board. The only thing you can do is to try and reset the control board by killing power to the range by either unplugging it or killing power to at the breaker on your home. Leave it off for at least 5 full minutes and restore power. If after that the problem persists you will need to replace the control board. If the code is no longer coming up but the broiler is not working then someone will need to use a volt meter and test for voltage at the broil element to see if it's getting voltage from the control board. If it's not the relay on the control for the broil has failed and the board needs replacing. If the element is getting voltage and not working the broil element needs to be replaced. The part number for the control board you need for that model is 316418780.


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