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Question: Wtw8500dc1

Whirlpool machine wouldn’t turn on this morning. It’s throwing an F6E2 code. It’s been a good machine for the past 6 years, but before I spend money on “what if” parts, is it even economical to repair?

The problem with that error is it could be a wiring issue between the user interface board and the main control board or it could be either board causing the problem. Unless you  want to replace both boards you really need to have a tech look at it to diagnose which is the problem. Then the cost on that with a replacement board is gonna be in the 300 - 500 range so to answer your question, if the code won't clear after unplugging the machine for a few minutes or if the code clears but comes back on the next run it's gonna be more economical to just replace the washer in all honesty.