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F27 Whirlpool Duet Washer Model# Wfw9500tw03

Question: F27 Whirlpool Duet Washer Model# Wfw9500tw03

Accidentally I put more HE detergent and the washer was full of bubbles and the SUD error code appeared. Was able to drain/spin and run the machine empty on hot settings to clean out. The water drains fine, there is no high water level during a cycle. Run a diagnostic, which move over numbers fine. Continues to have SUD on display. Read to clean with vinegar on Clean cycle. The cycle ended with F27, but the clean cycle always ends with some error code since we bough the machine 13 yr. ago. Will clean the trap, but we took it a part 3 yr. ago and there were no debris after 10 yr. of use, so not expecting to fine anything. Is it most likely the Pressure sensor, that it got wet and needs cleaning or replacing? Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

Give it 24 hours to dry out and try again if you keep having issues replace the pressure sensor.

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