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Error Code F3e2

Question: Error Code F3e2

cause and repair for this condition

The F3E2 Error for model WTW7500GC2  is displayed when the inlet thermistor is detected to be open or shorted.

Steps to test the inlet thermistor:

1. Unplug washer or disconnect power.
2. Remove console to access main control.
3. Remove connector J2 from the main control. With an ohmmeter, measure the resistance of the temperature. See chart below:

 If the resistance is within the range shown in the table,
go to step 4.
 If the resistance is infinite or close to zero, replace the
valve assembly.
NOTE: Most thermistor errors are a result of the
resistance being out of range. If the temperature

thermistor malfunctions, the washer will default to pre-
programmed wash settings.

4. If the thermistor is good, replace main control

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