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F2e3 Error Code

Question: F2e3 Error Code

Hi, When the trouble first started with my machine it would either fail to start or it would just turn off. If I pick a different cycle it would just shut off, but sometimes I would luck out and it would actually work. Then it started giving error code F3E3. I’m thinking a wire is loose? I had a new mother board, so I put that in but it didn’t help. Thank you model WFW75HEFW0


I would be glad to help you out with this but I will need to know a little more information. When you say new mother board , could you give me the part number of the board you replaced so I can verify it was the correct board associated with the error. Also was the board brand new or used? Please start a new question and reply to these questions at our partner site forum. The link is below:

Thank you.


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