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F10 Error On Frigidiare Range Model FEF366AWA

Question: F10 Error On Frigidiare Range Model FEF366AWA

F10 Had to unplug range to shut off oven.

The F10 error indicates that your oven is unexpectedly heating up. Since you've already turned off the power at the circuit breaker, please turn it back on to check if the error code still appears. If it does, the first step is to replace the temperature sensor in the range. If you have an ohm meter and are familiar with using it, you can test the temperature sensor's resistance; it should read about 1100 ohms at room temperature. A reading significantly different from this suggests the sensor is defective. However, if the temperature sensor appears to be functioning correctly, then the issue likely lies with the main control board, which will need replacement. For a definitive fix, especially if you don't have access to a meter to test the sensor, you might consider replacing both the main control board and the sensor. Otherwise, start with replacing the sensor, and if the problem persists, then proceed to replace the control board. The temperature sensor and control you need for your model are listed below, and replacement instructions can be found at the following page Click Here For Replacment Instructions: