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No Hot Water

Question: No Hot Water

Just hooked my machine up. Bought it second hand but it looks brand new. Even underneth. Not even a dustball! But when I start my washer all that comes out is cold water. We have it matched correctly. Hot to hot etc. If we unhook houses from back of machine, we get cold water from cold hose and hot from hot. But when we hook them to machine, cold water comes out no matter of I set it for hot or cold. If I turn the cold water off at the wall, I get no water at all! What is stopping the hot water from fleeing thru my machine?

You need to replace the water inlet valve on the washer, the hot water inlet valve is bad. If your model number is: wtw7500gw0 the valve you need is linked below. If that is not your model post a new question that includes your model number letting us know you need the water inlet valve, thanks.

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