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F10 Frigidaire oven

Question: F10 Frigidaire oven

We have a Frigidaire oven that is separate from our glass stove top. Our oven is showing the FT in error code whenever my wife cook something. I can turn off the breaker to the oven and cut it right back on and it clears the error. I Google searched it and watch some YouTube videos and i pull the front off of the oven to reveal the back of the circuitboard control board. I ohmed the wires to the temperature sensor in the back of the harness of the circuitboard because when I pulled the temperature probe out of the oven and disconnected it, I don’t have small enough needles on my voltmeter to stick down in the holes of the temperature sensor harness connector. So I can’t single out just the temp probe. Can you tell me what a temp sensor would cost for Model # FEB30S5DCC Ser # NF62028311 Thanks for your help Vince

Hello Vince,

The temperature sensor part number for model # FEB30S5DCC is Part #: 316217002. It runs around 22.00 for a new one. It can be ordered from the link below:

Click Here To Order The Temperature Sensor

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