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F1 error code

Question: F1 error code

I changed the main board out with a new board and still getting the F 1 code. I checked the thermal fuse and it had continuity using a meter. What else might it be? I was first getting the f70 code and I cleaned it out as it was very dirty with lint. That's when I started getting the f1 code. wed9200sq0 is the model. Thanks foer any help you might be able to supply. Vaughn McCamy

Hello Vaughn,

In some rare cases a bad outlet thermistor can cause the F1 error code, follow the instructions at the link below and replace the thermistor if that does not fix the issue the dryer has a wiring problem in the wiring harness somewhere which in many cases takes a very seasoned tech to trace down and pinpoint. The thermistor part number listed in the directions below is the correct part for the model number you gave. I verified it.

Click here for instructions to replace the thermistor

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