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Model #: Wed9600ta1 - F01 Error Code

Question: Model #: Wed9600ta1 - F01 Error Code

Hello, I have a Whirlpool Steam Duet dryer, model #: WED9600TA1. It was running fine for 6 loads throughout the day. Then I went to start it with my final load, when I pushed the start button, it made a clicking noise and would not initiate drying cycle. I unplugged for a few minutes, plugged back in and tried it again. Same response. Before I spend money on a repairman, I'd like to know what it could possibly be and if it's even worth repairing as I've had for 15-16 years. Thank you.

Yes it is repairable. The F01 error code is a internal failure code of the main control board and it will need to be replaced. The control board you need for that model is linked below:

Instructions to replace it can be found on the page linked below:

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