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F2e3 Error On Wtw7000dw0

Question: F2e3 Error On Wtw7000dw0

WTW7000DW0 Cabrio Sometimes the washer will start and fill before the error pops up and sometimes the error pops up as soon as I plug it back in, after having it unplugged for several hours or even overnight. my question is I’m not sure if I need to replace the user interface panel or the control board. How do I know which one is faulty. I cannot seem to find really any information on the F2E3 error code. I have visually inspected both areas and all connections look great and clean.


That error is either a wiring issue between the board and user interface or a faulty user interface. If the wiring is good as you say then replace the user interface. You can order the one you need for that model at the link below.

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