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F9e1 Error Despite Installing New Pump

Question: F9e1 Error Despite Installing New Pump

I've been having an F9E1 error for some time now. I know I need to change detergent, but I think something else may be causing trouble. I used to be able to turn the machine off, then power it up and select the short rinse, drain and spin cycle, and it would run just fine. But tonight, the washer threw the F9E1 error late in that cycle twice. I had ordered a new pump earlier, so I decided to replace the pump (it was having other problems). Even with the new pump, the washer threw the error message. The pump worked fine early in the cycle - good flow through the drain hose, no clogs (new pump!), but still it threw the error. The clothes had been rinsed several times by now, so excess suds couldn't be the problem. What else might be wrong.

From what you describe the main board (CCU) - Central Control Unit, is bad and throwing a false error code.

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