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Clearing Lo Flo Error Code

Question: Clearing Lo Flo Error Code

I have a whirlpool washer model WFW75HEFW. Its giving me the Lo Flo error code. The is locked. And won't open. How do I clear the Lo Flo error code. To unlock the washer door. I've tried unplugging for a few minutes and I've shut off the power from the breaker. But those methods didn't work. Is there anything else I can try.

It sounds to me like its in a no water error mode. When you start a cycle on that model, and there is no water pressure or water pressure cuts off during the cycle, it goes into a no water error mode, causing the unit to run through an 8-minute reset mode, and all that will happen is the pump will run. The door will remain locked until after the 8-minute error cycle has completed. Once there error cycle ends, the door will unlock on its own, and the unit will reset. Still, you have to let it complete the full error cycle uninterrupted. If you stop it or unplug it during this error cycle, it will only reset the error it will not reset until you let it run the full 8-minute error cycle.
So just plug it in and don't touch anything for 8 full minutes and it should reset on it's own. 


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