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Whirlpool Front Load Washer Model #wfw75hefw

Question: Whirlpool Front Load Washer Model #wfw75hefw

The door is locked and the light is flashing locked. How do I manually unlock the door? There are wet clothes inside. The error code E1F9 is flashing when I plug it in. I'm having trouble finding an appliance repair company that services our area, so we are troubleshooting to see if we can fix it ourselves. Thanks

F9E1 error code is a long drain error, meaning its taking too long for the washer to drain the water. If it takes longer than 6 minutes to drain the control will report the error and shut down. If there is still water in the tub the control is not going to unlock the door. If you need to manually unlock the door the instructions are below.

First, unplug the washer for about 5 minutes plug it back up and hit cancel/stop, and it should unlock if not you can manually unlock it following the directions below:

1. Unplug washer or disconnect power.
2. Remove the top washer panel.
3. Reach down along the inside of the front (between tub and CCU) and locate the top of the door switch/lock assembly.
4. Located on the top of the door switch/lock assembly is a ring-shaped tab.
5. Gently pull the tab upward about ¼" or until a click is heard.
6. The door should release.

To fix the problem with it not draining you need to check the drain pump filter for blockage if that is clear replace the drain pump.

The video linked below shows how to access and clean out the drain pump filter.

If you need to replace the drain pump you can order it from the link below. I have linked you to the correct drain pump for the model you listed.

Hope this helps you out.