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R L Code

Question: R L Code

The rL code comes on during the clean cycle. The tub is empty. The clean cycles runs for 4-5 mins. I tried a few times and stopped. What else could it be?

There can be two causes for the rL error code if there are no clothes in the washer while you're running the clean washer cycle.

The most serious cause of the problem would be the spin bearing. Try and turn the basket by hand and see if you fill any restrictions. The basket can drab because of the bearing or because there are clothes between the spin basket and outer tub. Turn the basket by hand and see if you notice anything.

You can also try to remove the belt and run the clean cycle and see if the problem repeats. If the code doesn't repeat with the belt off and there is nothing between the tub and spin basket most likely the spin bearing will have to be replaced. The bearing is part of the rear half of the tub and will require a complete tear down to change.

If the message rl repeats with the belt off then the most likely cause of this problem is the machine control board.

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