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F6e3 Error Code

Question: F6e3 Error Code

When I power up, all LED stay On and display shows :55 number. If I push any buttons it beeps but nothing changes at all. When I go to diagnostic mode it shows F6E3 code If I reset power by unpug and plug power cord it makes no difference at all, same problem remains. What is wrong with this washer, how to fix this problem? Please help, I cannot afford to buy a new washer due to my disability and low income. Thanks

The F6E3 error code is a communication error between the main control board the user interface control board. It may just be a loose connection between the boards. Unplug the connections between the boards and plug them back in and see if that helps if not then most likely the main control board has failed. In most cases it's the main control board but it could be the user interface board. What I advise if the wiring checks out ok between the boards is to replace both boards as you can get both board used in good condition for a fairly reasonable price. If you want the part numbers for the boards just post a new question and include your model number and ask for the part numbers for the main control and user interface boards. Thanks.

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