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Pause Cancel Button

Question: Pause Cancel Button

Error Code: PF. Dryer works but the Pause Cancel Button does not work. The cycle selected can not be changed until cycle times out. The PF Error Code does not match up with any fix mentioned under your list of fixes. Do you have any specific fix based on my description of dryer's performance?

The PF error code stands for Power Failure. It means the main control lost power at some point during operation which couuld be either a problem with voltage being supplied to the dryer or the main control board is failing. The other problems you described are caused by an issue with the user interface board itself. It sounds like you have two separate issues happening with both boards on the dryer. In order to fix the problems you have described you would most likely need to replace both the user interface and main control board and considering the cost of both boards it's gonna be more economical for you to just replace the dryer unfortunatley.

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