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F11 Error Keeps Repeating On Kenmore Range.

Question: F11 Error Keeps Repeating On Kenmore Range.

Model Number 790.78952500. It just started to do the beeping. The cooktop lockout light lited up and I manage to clear it and it stayed quiet for a bit then the beeping started up again with the F11. Disconnected the stove. Call tech but need to know how much that EOCs cost and if it's easy to replace.

Sorry but I have some bad news for you,  the EOC for that model runs 300-400 depending on where you can find it. It's out of stock at all my normal suppliers and everywhere I looked online. The part  number is 316418503. You may find it on eBay or Amazon or you can just google that part number and see what you can find in stock somewhere. Don't order from Sears though they lie about whats in stock and you may be waiting 3 months to get it. 

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