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Dryer Tub Isn’t Tumbling

Question: Dryer Tub Isn’t Tumbling

Hello. I got a PF code today on my Whirlpool Duet dryer. I turned it off and turned it back on. PF code was gone, but when I selected the dryer setting and pressed start, you hear a “click” and the board starts to run through its cycle, but neither the dryer tub starts tumbling the clothes nor does the air/heat turn on. However, the display seems to think that “everything is ok”. Any advise? Thank you.

The relay on the main board failed and the board needs to be replaced. I can't give you part information without the full  model number of the dryer as they make several different boards for the duet dryers depending on the model. If you want the part information post a new question with your full model number and just ask what main control board you need for it. 

Happy Holidays.

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