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F11 Code Door Issue?

Question: F11 Code Door Issue?

GHW915oPWO yes it is old but still kickin'....up until recently. Getting f11 code often. thing is, if i bang on the left side of the front of the door where the hinge is located... I can get it to go back into picking up where it left off in the cycle. So I hear washer beeping...F11 code is showing...hit STOP button...bang on door... hit the green start button.. sometimes it will immediately go back into cycle...sometimes I get a DL error code. ...despite the fact that the door is still locked. But I can hear it clicking.... like it isn't getting the message or something... I repeat my process...hit STOP button...bang on left side of front door by left hinge....hit it engages...continues to run and finish cycle... (usually) Sometimes I end up doing this twice during a 40 minute cycle (annoying) Not certain which part or parts would remedy this matter....the fact that I can bang on the left side of the front of the door as in where the hinge is to open and close...not where the door lock actually is...has me a little confused. Is it a door lock issue? Seems like a door lock issue. What do you think? It's weird. Thanks for your help. My dad died so I can't ask him. He knew how to fix EVERYTHING

Yes that is a door lock issue. The door lock is having issues and when it's killing the circuit between the control and user interface during the cycle the control is giving you the F11 error which is a communication error between the main control board and the user interface board, but the communication error is being caused by the door lock messing up while the cycle is running causing the control to think there is a issue between the boards but there's not. So replace the door lock assembly and it will be fine. The door lock assembly you need can be ordered at the link below:

The video below shows how to change it.

Hope this helps, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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