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How To Repair Ge Washer Model GFWS1705H E22 Error

Appliance Overview
Brand: GE
Appliance Type: Washer

Model Number GFWS1705H
Type: Front
load washer
The GE Model GFWS1705H is equipped with advanced features such as a high
capacity drum and multiple wash cycles for different fabric types.

Common Issue: - Control panel flashing "Fault" E22. - Machine shutting down and displaying "E22". - Not completing the wash cycle. - E22 Means The Fill Time Exceeded 8 Minutes.

Repair Advice:

Ensure manual water supply valves are fully open. It's essential for the proper operation of many household appliances that require water, such as washers or refrigerators with ice makers. Locate the manual water valves, often found behind the appliance or under a sink, and turn them counterclockwise to ensure they are completely open for full water flow.

Inspect inlet hoses for kinks or obstructions. Hoses that supply water to your appliances should be checked regularly. Ensure they are not twisted, kinked, or bent, which can restrict water flow. Also, look for any clogs or debris that might be obstructing the hose. Straighten any kinks and clear obstructions as needed to maintain a steady water supply.

Inspect water valve screens for restriction. Over time, the screens in your water valves can become clogged with sediment or debris, hindering water flow. Carefully remove the screens and clean them thoroughly. Replace the screens securely after cleaning to ensure unrestricted water flow and to protect the valves from potential damage caused by foreign objects.

If no problems were found in the steps above and the E22 error persists, it may be necessary to replace the water inlet valve. This component controls the flow of water into the appliance and, if faulty, can lead to error codes and operational issues. Before proceeding, ensure the appliance is unplugged and the water supply is turned off. The water inlet valve is typically located at the back of the appliance. Remove the top off the washer by removing the screws on the rear of the top panel. After accessing it, take note of the hose and electrical connection layout, then carefully disconnect them. Remove the old valve and install the new one, ensuring all connections are securely reattached. Once the new valve is in place, restore power and water supply to the appliance and check for proper functioning.

Note: If you're not comfortable performing this task, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional technician.

 GFWS1705H  Washer

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