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How To Resolve Kitchen Aid Refrigerator Not Freezing And Ice Maker Not Working Issue

Appliance Overview
Brand: Kitchen Aid
Model Number: Unknown
Appliance Type: Refrigerator

Type: Refrigerator

Common Issue: - Control panel flashing error codes. - Not freezing in the freezer section. - Ice maker not producing ice.

Repair Advice:

First, check for excess frost on the rear wall inside the freezer. If there is no frost, the issue may be a sealed system problem, such as an insufficient compressor, refrigerant leak or system restriction. In any of the cases above this will not be a DIY repair.

If the freezer fan is running, along with the compressor and the unit is not cooling at all, it's advisable to consult a professional. A sealed system problem that is not covered by warranty could range from $400 to $600 or more for repair costs.

However, if there is a significant amount of ice on the rear wall inside the freezer, this indicates a defrost issue. The unit is failing to defrost the evaporator properly, leading to an airflow issue. This lack of proper air circulation in the refrigerator is likely causing the problem. Therefore, the defrost system will need to be repaired to resolve this issue.

If you are still unsure about the issue, consider consulting a repair professional for further assistance.

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Kitchen Aid
 Unknown Refrigerator

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