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How To Fix Bosch SHS5AVF2UC/22 Dishwasher That Fails To Start

Appliance Overview
Brand: Bosch
Model Number: SHS5AVF2UC/22
Appliance Type: Dishwasher

Appliance Type: Dishwasher

Common Issue: Control panel flashing, door latch clicks, but dishwasher doesn't start.

Repair Advice:

Encountering issues with your Bosch SHS5AVF2UC/22 dishwasher failing to start can be a hassle, but several checks and fixes might resolve the problem. Initially, a simple reset could be the solution. Turn off the circuit breaker for about 5 minutes to reset the dishwasher, which may resolve minor electronic glitches.

Should the reset not yield results, the next focal point is the door latch mechanism, a common culprit in start-up issues. A defective or misaligned door latch will prevent the dishwasher from starting as a safety precaution. Carefully inspect the latch for any visible damage, wear, or misalignment. If the latch is faulty or damaged, replacing it should be your next step. Ensure the replacement latch is compatible with the Bosch SHS5AVF2UC/22 model.

If the door latch is intact and functioning correctly, the problem might lie within the control board. A malfunctioning control board can hinder the dishwasher's ability to start, necessitating professional diagnostic and repair services.

Lastly, consider the dishwasher's age and overall condition when deciding on repairs. If the dishwasher is near the end of its lifespan and repair costs are high, it might be more economical to invest in a new model. In such cases, consulting with a professional appliance technician can provide valuable guidance on whether to repair or replace the unit.

For persistent issues or complex repairs, seeking assistance from a certified technician is advisable to ensure safe and effective resolution of the problem.


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